9 Easy Ways to Celebrate Music in Our Schools Month

Music in Our Schools MonthFor over 30 years, The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) has named March “Music In Our Schools Month” (MIOSM).

“The purpose of MIOSM is to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children – and to remind citizens that school is where all children should have access to music.”

As we all know, music is very important for the development and learning of young children. So, we’ve scoured the Internet to gather ideas from all over the country to help you celebrate Music in Our Schools Month in your Pre-K, K and Elementary School classrooms.


Lesson Plans

  1. Using Songwriting to Build Awareness of Beginning Letter Sounds 
    Students create alliterative animal songs to help them learn letter names and consonant sounds and build phonemic awareness. Hap Palmer’s album Sally the Swinging Snake has some fun and creative examples of these types of songs.
  1. Animal Habitats 
    Pre-readers are introduced to animal habitats through story, song, and dramatic play using children’s picture books. Students use chronological ordering and phonics to reinforce beginning literacy skills. Students explore a non-traditional method of book illustration and create their own story page.
  1. Making a Rainstick
    Rain is needed everywhere for life. In this lesson, students experience rain through a hands-on auditory activity, a science experiment, an award-winning children’s picture book, poetry reading and writing, song and chant, and an instrument-making activity. The Rainy Day Songs recording has lively songs about rain, wind, thunder and lightning that engage children in expressive movement activities and helps overcome fears of natural phenomena.


Other Classroom Ideas

  1. Make Your Own Instrument – Students can create their own musical instruments using common objects. Hap Palmer’s recording, Homemade Band (available as CD or download), is a great accompaniment for this activity.
  1. Students can create paper leaves with their families’ favorite songs on them, and all the leaves can be hung on a musical family tree.
  1. Have a “Musicians Among Us Day” – Invite parents, teachers, and friends to come to school and share their musical talents with the class.
  1. Invite parents to attend music class with their child one day.
  1. Have students list ways in which music is a part of their everyday lives. Have them compare lists with friends and family members.
  1. Ask students to cut pictures of music and musicians from magazines and create a musical wall collage for your classroom.


These are some of the top ideas for Music in Our Schools Month that we recommend. Do you have any great activities that you do in your school? Please share them with us below.

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