A New Survey Tears Down the Myths about School Readiness.

School Readiness Myth vs. Fact

Myth-Busters About Parents

A survey, conducted in Oakland, California last year, of low-income and/or immigrant communities with children younger than school age who are NOT connected to community services revealed some pretty interesting results. The survey actually dispels some of the more common myths that educators have assumed about parents and the activities they do to prepare their children for school.

Myth: Families don’t understand the importance of reading to babies and young children.

Fact: Families understand that reading from birth is important. However, they are concerned that letting a toddler skip words and pages from a book leads to bad reading habits or that letting a toddler read the same book over and over keeps a child from learning new words.

Myth: Parents don’t have time to read to their children.

Fact: Parents are regular visitors to the library; 92 percent go to the library for children’s books, 68 percent went to the library several times a month or more, and 43 percent read to their child every day.

Myth: Parents don’t think young children need to be introduced to math.

Fact: Parents understand the importance of math. But, they don’t realize that building blocks and doing puzzles build math skills. Singing a number song like “Five Little Monkeys” from Hap Palmer’s So Big CD is also a good way to build math skills. In the article “How the Elements of Music Can Add Magic to Your Math Lessons,” we discuss the different ways that listening to music and singing relates to learning math concepts in the classroom.

Myth: Parents are too busy to want to become involved with their communities.

Fact: Parents DO want to be involved and connected to decisions about their community and how they impact young children.

You can view all the survey questions and answers here.

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