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Physical Activity Important in Your Classroom

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month, so this month’s blog focuses on physical fitness in the classroom.  Everyone knows that being physically active is good for you. There are obvious benefits to being active.  For instance, it helps

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Can Music Help Shape Who We Are?

My answer is “Absolutely!” Martin Gardiner of Brown University tracked the criminal records of Rhode Island residents from birth through age 30, and he concluded the more a resident was involved in music, the lower the person’s arrest record. (“Music

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How To Talk To Students About Natural Disasters

Even if you think your students are sheltered from the news and media, they still manage to piece together enough information to be scared.

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What Happens to Your Children When They Play Outside?

outdoor play

It’s summer! It’s beautiful! Kids should be outside enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. If you feel that your kids are spending too much time inside, you may be right! There has been a significant decline in the time

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Increase Student Focus With These 9 Movement Activities

Movement activity chalk drawing

Incorporating exercise and movement throughout the school day increases students’ performance in school. It helps students to be less fidgety and more focused. Many studies suggest that regular physical activity supports healthy child development by improving memory, concentration and a

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