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Can Music Help Shape Who We Are?

My answer is “Absolutely!” Martin Gardiner of Brown University tracked the criminal records of Rhode Island residents from birth through age 30, and he concluded the more a resident was involved in music, the lower the person’s arrest record. (“Music

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A New Survey Tears Down the Myths about School Readiness.

School Readiness Myth vs. Fact

Myth-Busters About Parents A survey, conducted in Oakland, California last year, of low-income and/or immigrant communities with children younger than school age who are NOT connected to community services revealed some pretty interesting results. The survey actually dispels some of

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Simple Ideas to Ease the Struggle of Classroom Nap Time.

Nap time is an important part of the day for preschool aged children. Research shows that the mid-day nap helps preschoolers remember and solidify what they have learned during the day. However, settling down doesn’t always come easily to teachers or

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What Has Happened to Our Children’s Fine Motor Skills?

Fine Motor Skills image

Teachers nationwide are finding that more and more children are entering Kindergarten without the fine motor skills necessary to grip markers, hold their paper still while coloring, or cut and glue shapes. Teachers must take time out from their lessons

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