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How Important is Play to Human Development?

Have humans learned to play, or is play a basic human need that is programmed into our brains from the start?

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How the Elements of Music Can Add Magic to Your Math Lessons!

We’ve known for quite some time that the basic elements of music such as steady beat, rhythm, melody and tempo relate to the inherent qualities of mathematical principles: patterning, sequencing, counting, etc. Recent research shows that when children are exposed

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Doctors Encourage Parents to Sing to Children

  As a precursor to literacy, doctors are encouraging parents to sing to their children.  Additionally, they recommend that parents talk and read to their children.

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Adding an Infant/Toddler Program to Your Center

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!  I hope you had a good holiday and are enjoying the beginning of a new decade with the children and families in your program! 

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