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Incorporating Square Dancing Into Your PE Class

Square Dancing has been taught in elementary schools around the country for generations.  It’s easy to teach and has many benefits for everyone from children to adults.

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Enhance Play-Based Learning with Music and Movement

Are you ready for the new school year and your new students? Check out our latest blog for great music and movement activities to help “break the ice,” while also enhancing your curriculum.

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What are some of the benefits of music and movement?  Take under 7 minutes to see Rae Pica describe some of the skills, concepts and growth children achieve through music and movement!*  [VIDEO]

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A PE Teacher Demonstrates How to Incorporate Music & Movement into Your Lesson [VIDEO]

Incorporating music into your PE program makes movement activities fun for younger children. Kids love music and they love to move. But how do you tie the two into an engaging physical education class for the children? In this video,

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Resources for Teachers to Help Students Cope with Trauma

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about natural disasters, terrorist attacks and domestic violence. These events can have a great impact on our students. While some events don’t directly affect your students, others will have direct

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