Educational Acitivities, Inc. announces release of Bully Smart Kids!

Educational Activities, Inc. announced the release of a timely new recording titled “Bully Smart Kids” by Max Nass, LMHC and Marcia Nass, M.S. Developed to help young children learn safety strategies, this musical program gives children the vocabulary and knowledge to help them become “Bully Smart Kids.” The program, available as a CD or Download, complements any bully prevention program.

Max Nass, a musician and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Marcia Nass, a children’s writer and former educator, created the songs to give students the tools they need to cope with bullying, which has become more prevalent among young children.

As children sing along to these engaging songs, they learn bully-prevention techniques that include: telling adults, walking away, cooling off, using nice words and saying sorry.

The lyrics help children who are targets or bystanders learn how to stand up to bullies. Bullies learn how to handle their angry feelings in more positive ways so they do not have to be bullies any longer! This collection of 12 rap, rock and pop songs can stand alone or complement any bully prevention program.

About Educational Activities, Inc.
Educational Activities, Inc., founded in 1948, is a leading publisher of educational CDs, DVDs, software and Children’s Books. The company distributes educational products throughout the United States and Canada as well as internationally. Educational Activities’ award-winning products include children’s music CDs by best-selling authors Hap Palmer and Ella Jenkins among others; Professional Development DVDs and critical science DVDs for biology, earth science and health; and basic skills programs and workbooks. Learn more at

About Max and Marcia Nass
Max Nass, LMHC, is an expert in the field of conflict resolution. He has appeared on numerous television shows including Oprah Winfrey. Marcia Nass, M.S., is the author of How to be a Bully Not! and other materials to stop bullying. Both Max and Marcia Nass conduct workshops on the prevention of bullying. They believe the Bully Smart Kids! will help victims of bullies, bystanders and bullies too (by learning new ways to handle angry feelings) through music.

About Bully Smart Kids!
CD973 – Bully Smart Kids! CD    $15.95
DL973 — Bully Smart Kids! DOWNLOAD $14.95

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