What are some of the benefits of music and movement?  Take under 7 minutes to see Rae Pica – one of the foremost child development experts in education – describe some of the skills, concepts and growth children achieve through music and movement!*

Music and movement engage children in active learning.  They promote vocabulary development, academic skills and social and emotional development, and make learning FUN!

Engaging songs and developmentally-appropriate activities provide a wealth of opportunities for best practices learning in early childhood, help foster creativity and support children’s communication skills.

  • SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING – Get along and cooperate with others, understand and manage feelings, stay focused, self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and make good decisions.
  • LITERACY AND LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT – Exposure to language through stories and songs is a great way to develop and expand vocabulary and foundational skills.
  • ACTIVE, PURPOSEFUL PLAY – Movement activities help children master gross motor skills, fine motor skills; opportunities to pretend through movement songs (e.g., walk like an elephant, swim like a fish, etc.) are critical and help prepare children for success.

Integrating music and movement into your daily lesson plans is a fun and easy-to-implement strategy for learning success!


*Rae Pica is also an educational consultant, author of 19 books and the recording (available at Wiggle, Giggle & Shake.


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